I’ve traveled two million miles over the past 12 years searching for answers to how we might fix schools to help us in the creation of good people, good citizens, and good individual lives. No model encountered is more promising than the Sudbury model. I would urge parents to give this method a close look. Trust your kids, they will surprise you.
– John Taylor Gatto, bestseller author, teacher of the Year (New York, 1989)
The Sudbury Valley School model respects each child’s innate joy of learning and natural developmental path through childhood. Respect for the child is balanced with the creation of a community supporting freedom and democracy while rejecting permissive license. One of the most powerful aspects of the model is the absence of an imposed structured academic program and the presence of an environment in which children can be imaginative, creative, and self-directed. The Sudbury Valley School model, when faithfully executed, allows these adults of tomorrow to grow and blossom into strong individuals of integrity, joy, and positive purpose.
– Win and Bill Sweet, coauthors of Living Joyfully with Children

Staffers & Parents from various Schools in Sudbury system:

It is such a pleasure to teach kids that want to learn. All of the staff look forward to the days that they are at Big Rock.
– Brian
I like the atmosphere of the school. I love to come here in the morning. It feels like an extended family.
– Dilyara, staff
Seeing the school gather momentum as the months go by is a revelation. The energy that goes into any activity the students engage in is completely organic and self-generated, so I get to experience students who are being themselves rather than following someone else’s program. Sometimes, the very process of finding ourselves is the first step we need to take in our education. I so appreciate how Sudbury allows for and encourages that to happen.
– Jennifer, staff and parent
I have always worked with children of all ages and through my extensive travels have seen myself migrate toward children wherever I go. They are food for my soul. We constantly inspire each other to learn and grow. Kids need a lot of space and freedom to grow to their full potential. I love the Sudbury Environment – it gives us all the opportunity to laugh, learn and play!
Margit, staff
I see Ben becoming more confident & sure of himself, he’s truly blossoming before our very eyes!
– Paula, parent

Children from various Schools in Sudbury system:

I really like the school. It was a right decision to come here. For me it was a lifesaver. I am learning subjects that I would never have been able to learn elsewhere.
– Royal, 13
Great administrative staff, great teachers! I haven’t had so much fun in a long time!
– Jesse, 13
I have been attending Big Rock Sudbury School particularly because the staff are very good. I appreciate the effort they put into us, to help us learn and help us grow up. All of the staff are remarkable in their own way, and I greatly appreciate that quality. When I was in public school, the teachers completely did not understand me because they expected me to behave like a perfect princess like the other girls in my class. Now that I am at Big Rock, I feel that the staff understand me a great deal more.
– Harry, 10
What? I’ll have to stay two weeks at home?
– Royal on Christmas break
Wouldn’t it be great if school could be open on Saturdays too?
– Alicia, 13
So why again are we going to Florida? Can’t I stay and go to school?
– Ben, 16 in the train
The school is great for kids who love to learn new things. The staff are very kind and are there to help with whatever interests you. The kids here are nice and the rules are appropriate.
– Anji, 10

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