Class topics and schedule

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. – Albert Einstein

Schedule:Proposed 4 class “windows” between 8:30AM and 1PM with additional optional “window” for teenagers. 1PM-5(6)PM –  governing meetings, field trips, sports and projects, and free play

Class introduction. We find it’s most important to allow children to be like or dislike a subject knowledgeably. There would be a series of introduction to new projects/topics presented both by students and volunteering staff.

Proposed Subjects:

Subject does not mean a boring classes on the topic, it means there will be a hands on educational projects. Mix of subjects will be introduced every semester and ones with most interest will be offered entire semester.

  • Traditional school subjects:  math, reading, writing
  • Foreign Languages & cultures:  Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, and more
  • DIY mix: wide range of projects from woodworking to needlework.
  • Food-related: creative cooking, healthy and whole choice, label reading
  • Nature Related: survival, camping, local plants and animals, zoology, plant biology, geography
  • Performing Arts: instruments (piano, guitar, drums), vocal, school theater, school circus (joggling, magic show), dance, DJ, recording
  • Technology: mechanics, electronics, robotics, cars
  • Informational Technologies: programming, web-mastering, social media, search engines
  • Writing & Publishing: writing, poems, fairy tales, blogging, self-publishing
  • Sports & Games: actual sports, popular beach games, educational games (s.a. Monopoly), card games
  • Law & Finance: business start-up, bank systems, stocks market, legal system
  • other topics and subjects from philately to astronomy all based on children interests. Sky is the limit!

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