Founding families

Are you passionate about your children education? Contact us and see you soon on this page!

Agnessa+ David=Pavlik: My name is Agnessa. My interest in alternative education began 4 years ago, when Pavlik just turned 5.  After 3 years in private school, 1 year in public and few months of homeschooling it seemed that I’m still far from the answer we liked until we spotted a Sudbury school …. 80 miles away. As a matter of fact there are at least 4 democratic schools in over an hour drive from Central Bergen County.

Before we consider moving I will do my best to open such school here in Bergen County. Conversations with school owners and visits to such schools gave ideas for the democratic school with educational track we are working on right now. This is not your typical democratic school,  it’s alternative mix of the best stuff from few systems.


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