Welcome to school ahead of it’s time

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This is a “testing water” mini-site for new  democratic school that will be based in Bergen county, NJ. We believe in democratic governing of Sudbury and mix of free time and required studying of  the subjects chosen by the student.  The studying will not be graded, there will be no tests or homework, unless specifically requested. We will also offer customized programs and option of unschooling.

We are looking for children! We can make a life of your 5-18 years old a bliss and prepare with hand on knowledge for college and adulthood. Give a school he or she will be looking forward as well as  community beyond your wild dreams . Interested? Sign up!

We are looking for volunteers who wants to share their knowledge in various topics and hobbies. From Mandarin to skateboarding, from cooking to algebra, from drums to public speaking. You don’t have to be a educational professional just like children and be willing share your knowledge in a fun and informal setting. Have something to share? Sign Up!

We can only make this happen if we work as a group, so we need your participation and support!




13 responses to “Welcome to school ahead of it’s time

  1. Do you have a particular space or spaces in mind to house this school? If so what towns in Bergen County are you targeting? Are you planning on scheduling an interest meeting?

  2. Thanks for your interest. No we are not at that stage yet. At this point we are looking to spread the word and get group of interested parents to proceed with them. We are planning a meeting Sunday the 25th.
    Please join our Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_228274467185542 to stay up to date with events.

  3. I would like to know if you have made any progress in the last six months. I have a seven year old daughter. We live in Bergen County and would be very interested in this school. Please keep me in the loop. Dawn.

    • No progress yet, as there are no parents who ready to make the change and work on the school. There are many who are interested in sending their kids to one. once we find few finding people we are ready to roll.

  4. As a mother, teacher and doctoral student, my sole quest has been for a more democratic schooling system…I would love to see a Free school open in Jersey City, or work to open one myself! I would love to see this school open and exceed! Looking forward to seeing your progress!! I would be willing to attend one of your interest meetings; please keep me posted!

  5. Yes! I look forward to some sort of partnership!

  6. I recently completely my Associates Degree and am working on my BA in Psychology, and will be continuing on for my Masters Degree, I firmly believe in Education. I am interested in this kind of education for my daughter as I feel like this is a setting in which she would thrive. I have spent most of my life working in Finance, but also have a background in Fine Arts. I would be willing to work to make this happen and know other parents who might also be interested as well. Let me know what inspired you from the start.

  7. Hi Agnessa. I applaud your efforts to get the school going. What’s the latest?

    A (selfish) suggestion for the website: a blog detailing the process of founding the school – the ins and outs of the logistics. You have the opportunity to create a very valuable resource for others who may want to attempt the same thing (like me!) in the future. What do you think?

    Thanks, and best of luck!


    • Matthew, thanks for the support. I do have a plan to develop a system that can be copied, perhaps even franchised out. Will keep the blog idea in mind, it’s something kids parents might also find useful.

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